I am a creative UX and UI designer with an extensive business and design background. I've helped both Fortune 100 companies and startups improve their products. I specialize in product development, UX design, UI design, interactive design, and graphic design.

Lisa Kelly is just plain awesome! She has been able to creatively take community to a level that no one prior has achieved. She is the first person from our UX department that actually gets community and without her contributions, the experience would still be stuck in the dark ages. Not only is she a valued team member, she’s essential to SHC winning when it comes to customer engagement. I couldn’t do it without her.
— Casey Goddard | Director | Ecommerce Product Management | Mobile & Community Experiences (MCE) | Online Business Unit | Sears Holdings Corporation

Design Process


Requirement Gathering
Work with Product owner to figure out the business needs and user needs for a new or updated experience.

Competitive Analysis
Assess the strengths and weaknesses of competitors against a user's needs.

Experience Flow
Once requirments and competitive analysis is done an experience flow is created to understand the whole picture.

Visually communicate abstract concepts with users and team members to generate feedback.

High Fidelity Mockups
Apply product branding, grid structure, typography, color scheme, and icons.

High Fidelity Prototypes
Quickly develop interactive prototypes with tools like Sketch, InVision, UXPin and Proto.io. This lets the team easily distribute and observe exactly how well the product will be received before being built.