Unified Chat:  The diagram above outlines the customer journeys through the Unified Chat project.

Unified Chat

Summary:   Unified Chat was the internal name of an initiative to integrate multiple service types through a single, unified chat experience.  Initially Sears only offered customer service and expert advice through their chat feature.  We introduced an innovation to the chat service by creating the ability to chat directly with the OEM from the sears.com website. This enabled us to provide product specific knowledge to our customers.   

We partnered with an early stage startup we identified called ChatID (renamed Welcome) who provided the technology to integrate any chat technology of our OEMs seamlessly with ours. Customers could now chat directly with a OEM from the sears.com website.  And if they needed assistance from Sears, the chat could be handed off between agents within the same chat window. 

We piloted the program with LG, Electrolux and Monster. The new feature was a huge hit with customers and truly elevated the knowledge base of the Sears service organization.

Objectives:   Create a single, seamless chat experience, Improve customer satisfaction

KPIs:  OEM chats, conversion

Components:  Strategy, UX


The screens below display the integration points and function.