Questions & Answers

Summary:   Our strategy here was twofold. First, we wanted to provide our customers with an inline capability to ask product questions and get answers from Sears experts or other customers to help them make better purchasing decisions.  Secondly, we also wanted to increase organic traffic from search engines by adding more valuable content to the site.  

We designed and delivered a service that was accessible through the API to be used across all Sears websites.  The service also included a single administrative tool to manage content across sites. An email notification system was also implemented to increase response rates. 

Objectives:   Increase purchase confidence, Increase organic traffic

KPIs:  Views, Posts, Conversion

Components:  Strategy, UX, Visual Design, Product Management, Operations


Email Designs:  Notification emails designed with dynamic content personalize and engage the community to participate in the Questions & Answers feature. 


Administration Tool:  We created a moderation tool to manage all of the UGC submitted through the Ratings & Reviews and Questions & Answers across every website.