Star Reviewers

Summary:   Star Reviewers was created to solve a few business challenges we were having at Sears.  The biggest challenge was how to increase the volume of product reviews on new and existing products, the second challenge was how to manage all of our merchant partners who wanted to send out samples of their products for people to test and review. 

After a very manual MVP of the Star Reviewers program, we determined that the opportunity existed to grow the program if we could put the right technology in place.  We then took on a massive undertaking and designed and developed a web experience that could manage the program end-to-end. It seamlessly served three types of users:   Vendors who wanted to provide products to review; Buyers who needed to manage their vendors and Reviewers who opted into the program to receive samples to review.  Every detail was addressed and the software boasted a unique user-interface for each type, segmentation and notification capabilities,  sample tracking with shipping carrier integration and administrative controls.

Objectives:   Increase product UGC on new products and across all products

KPIs:  Reviews submitted

Components:  Strategy, UX, Visual Design, Brand Storytelling, Product Management, Engineering, Delivery