User Experience Design

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Examples of UX Prototypes:

MySears Community Platform Migration and Redesign
My responsibility was to redesign the current Sears community residing on Wordpress to the Salesforce platform. I worked with 2 different implementation partners to get the experience right. Click to see prototype.

Sears Ratings and Reviews redesign
The current Sears reviews experience on the product page is behind industry standard functionality. The user doesn't have the ability to add images, video or even comment on another review. This prototype is my solution to revamping the Review Module to be more social and incorporate all user generated content, reviews, question and answers, photos and videos. Click to see prototype.

Sears Developer website redesign
Sears has an API program that has been underused. I was tasked with redesigning the experience to be easier to navigate and have an updated look. Click to see prototype.

Titan Machinery Locate a Dealer experience
Titan Machinery needed a new experience on desktop and mobile for users to locate a dealer. Experience needed to be informative and easy to use. Click to see mobile prototype. Click to see desktop prototype.